Robert Stoffers

Leiter Energiedienstleistungen / Geschäftsführer. Main DC Offenbach, Offenbach am Main

Robert played a key role for EVO in forming a new joint venture with ETIX Everywhere and the DC-Datacenter-Group. As CEO of this new joint venture, MAIN DC Offenbach GmbH, Robert is part of strong partners with a proven track record - ready in 2019 to invest over 120 Million Euro and to offer highest energy efficiency, security and scalability for data storage and management.

Robert joined EVO in 2016, after its main shareholder MVV Energie became the largest shareholder of juwi AG, where Robert had served five years as Managing Director. At juwi, Robert helped to lead the development of renewable energy solutions.

Before joining the energy sector, Robert spent twelve years mastering the development of broadband infrastructure and digitalization, including M&A activities of over 400 Million Euro: As founder of WorldLink GmbH, Robert consolidated cable TV networks and served the later buyer of these networks, primacom AG, as Director Marketing, Sales & PR. He then contributed as Director Corporate Development to the expansion of pepcom from a start-up to a key market player with more than 500.000 customers, offering over own broadband networks TV, internet, telephone, and data services.

Robert’s starting career was in banking: after receiving a banking degree at Berliner Volksbank, he completed his university studies and worked seven years at Deutsche Bank AG as Manager of a bank branch and as Head of Quality Management.

Following his interests in sports, Robert founded in 2010 optikick, a company offering the media, clubs, and fans data intelligence in soccer via video and data analysis.

Supporting American-German relations, Robert was co-founder of the Association of American-German Business Clubs e.V. where he served over ten years as Treasurer and President.

Robert was born in Berlin, has a degree in Economics and International Studies from the University of Michigan and joined an EMBA program at Kellogg-WHU.

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